Friday, July 29, 2011

the adventure of bert and bessie the cow

If there is anything I just can't pass up, it is a good deal. I can't resist even more when that deal is something FREE. The other week Chick-Fil-A had their "Cow Appreciation Day." All you had to do is dress up like a cow and your meal was on the house. Speaking of dressing up like a cow, I was once bet $300 by a Utah Symphony member to wear a cow costume to a music competition, but I chickened out. However, this time, I would wear that cow costume! It took a little bit of convincing, but Spence and I dressed up and got our free meal! We felt so silly but it was definitely worth it!

                  All of that food was completely free, now tell me you wouldn't dress up too for that!

Friday, July 8, 2011

the adventure of the possessed phone

Isn’t it amazing how attached we get to our phones? This past week I forgot my charger at the in-laws and was without it for 4 whole entire days! Sometimes during this past week I would even feel phantom buzzing and hear vibrations that weren’t there. I felt completely cut off from the humanity.
Finally, Thursday night came and I was going to get my charger. I was ecstatic as I plugged it in, waiting for that Verizon symbol to show its happy face. Much to my dismay, a water-logged cell phone screen greeted my anxious face.
Not only was it water-logged but the phone was possessed! As much as I tried, the phone would not obey. It was dialing random numbers, making its own voice recordings and refusing all of my attempts to power it off. To make matters worse, I could see those 9 text messages waiting for me like little presents on Christmas morning. Sadly, they will probably forever remain unwrapped. Mrs. Free Phone is no more. Thankfully, my mother in-law just happened to have a phone I can use, so soon, very soon, I shall once again reunite with the world!

the adventure of the dish network boy

Mary: Sitting at home, working
[Knock on the door]
Mary: Answers door and sees a young boy with a Dish Network clipboard
Dish Network Boy: Hi, do you have Dish Network
Mary: No, we just have basic t.v.- you know the free kind and that is all we are really interested in
Dish Network Boy: What? Free t.v.? I don’t understand?
Mary: You know, the free basic channels, like 2, 4, 5
Dish Network Boy: Sorry I have no idea what you are talking about- but when will your parents be home?
Mary: My parents?
Dish Network Boy: Ya, like 5 or 6?
Mary: Ya, they should be home around then
Door closes…awkwardness remains on both sides of the door

the adventure of the pranking husband

I’m sitting and reading on my bed and all of a sudden I hear the door slam shut! Fear ripples through my body as I think to myself that Spencer isn’t supposed to be home for another hour! I yell out, Spence?? No answer. What do I do? I just sit in my bed, trying to figure out how I am going to get out of the house or who to call for help  (is it just 9-1-1- or do I have to dial 801 first…yes a very blonde moment but hey, I was fearing for my life!)

A few minutes later, one of my shoes is thrown from an unknown source and crashes into my door. I let out a tiny scream! Ok..He knows I’m here so I yell, “Who’s there?!” I repeat this for about a minute straight. No one answers and I think to myself I better get out of the house asap! I hold my phone in my hand with 911 dialed, thumb on the send key. Then I run into the study searching frantically for some kind of protection. I find the best thing I see…a Swiffer… So here I am, a twenty three year-old with a Swiffer in one had and a cell phone in the other, ready for flight or fight. I’m hoping the flight aspect of my plan works because I’m not sure a Swiffer will really be that much help in a fight. I use my best CIA skills to check around the doors for the intruder, see it is free and make a run for it.
I get to the street and decide to call Spence. When lo and behold..SPENCER comes walking out the door, laughing.

I can look back and laugh now, but let’s just say, the adventures of the pranking husband will be somewhat limited in the future.

the adventure of marriage

Here's to matrimony, the high sea for which no compass has been has yet been invented!

~Heinrich Heine

the adventure begins

Well after much persuasion….here it is. I’ve been so very against the whole idea of “blogging.” I’ve seen way too many blogs that give details and insights I never want to know into people’s lives who I barely know. So our blog is going to be simple, short and sweet. Just little tidbits into the Bevan home for anyone who is interested in our hectic newlywed lives.