Wednesday, August 10, 2011

the adventure of the big 2-3

Last Tuesday was Spencer's birthday. He is finally my same age again! Those two months where I am "older" will always be filled with cougar and old lady jokes I am sure. The best part about being married is that birthdays become celebrations that span over several days because both sides of our families want to celebrate!

They are also fantastic because they mean free food if you are smart about it! Where did we get this free food you may ask, well...Spence got free burgers and Fuddruckers and Red Robin, free ice cream at Cold Stone, free sushi at Happy Sumo, and free breakfast at IHOP. The best part about all of these freebies is they are completely free, no requirement to purchase something of equal value! Let's just say, we've eaten out quite a few times over the past two weeks but it has been delicious! 
Not only did we get free food from signing up for birthday clubs, but Spencer's parents took us to Rodizio grill and my mom made us her famous homemade BBQ chicken pizza. We obviously haven't gone hungry over the past few weeks and will be working it all off over the next few weeks, thank heavens we have Jillian Michaels to kick us into gear!

I'm so grateful to me married to such an amazing man and am so dang lucky to have him in my life. Happy Birthday Spence! 

Spence studying ALL day on his much fun (sarcasm)

New shirt, new putter, new practice your wife 

Votive "birthday" heart candle... totally normal huh...

the adventure of the road trip

Tomorrow morning Spence and I will be leaving to go on our first road trip as a married couple! We are going to San Francisco and then Carlsbad/San Diego. Spencer has never been to San Fran or San Diego so I am super excited to take him around both of these cities.  I am in love with both of these cities so this will sure be an adventure.Originally we wanted to do a whole "west coast tour" where we started in Seattle and made our way down to San Diego. I've always wanted to make that trip, but we only have a week and want to make the best of our time! We are actually excited to drive all the way there because we just got two free audiobooks for our drive (thanks to a free trial membership at, Ender's Shadow and Ender in Exile, two books that are a part of Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game Series. We will keep you posted on whether or not we would recommend them. We both love Ender's Game though and are excited to listen to these two books!

Of course, I had to wake up with a HORRIBLE cold yesterday so getting everything done before the trip has not been fun. Spence has been studying like a crazy person in order to take his finals today. This trip couldn't come at a better time for us and will give us a much needed rest before our crazy school starts up again. We will be sure to post pictures of our "adventure in the golden state."