Monday, September 2, 2013

the adventure of Omaha

Well folks, it's official. We are officially Nebraskans. Never thought I'd be writing that sentence in my life. But life has that way of taking you places you never thought you'd go. My blogging has been completely sporadic, but I've made a vow to post more regularly just to stay a little bit more connected.

Anyway, since this is really happening and since you all know I am a shameless planner, I've made a top ten list of things I am looking forward to now that we are in Omaha:


10. Exploring some of my pioneer roots at Winter Quarters, Mormon Trail, and a little trip to Navuoo.
9. Owning a townhouse where we can pretty much do whatever we want with decorating: painting, flooring, whatever. Obviously we are only going to be here for 4 years so we won't be going crazy with remodeling anything, but still, 4 years!
8.This November, Omaha is getting an outlet mall. Thank HEAVENS, I will still have my Banana outlet to find my amazing deals at!
7. The Omaha Zoo and Aquarium. This Zoo was ranked #2 in the Top 10 Museums, Zoos and Aquariums of 2013, just right after Smithsonian's Museum of Natural History.
6. Living right next door to Lauritzen Botanical Gardens, the perfect place for Sunday walks.
5. Heartland of America Park, complete with a bridge crossing the Missouri River, gondola rides, and jogging trails.
4. Old Market- fun to explore small boutiques, shops, and cafes.
3. 7 hours to Chicago (Ali Clayton and Liz Peterson-Fry, I'm coming to see you guys!), 6.5 to St. Louis, and 3 hours to Kansas City. Looking forward to exploring the Midwest!
2. Omaha is where I will officially become a lawyer! Tomorrow, I start as an associate claims counsel for Fidelity National Title!
1. Moving to a new city, making new friends, new experiences, and really having to rely on each other for everything!!

In our first month here, we are doing a pretty good job of moving down the list!

We've spent the last month settling into our new house and new carpet, paint, light fixtures etc. have really helped make our house feel more like home.

I like to call this next section, from Bachelor to Bevan.





Before- Notice the awesome light fixture and random blue line!

After...but we are not really done here



After, notice the presence of blinds? I don't know how someone could live with no blinds!?

Before: This is how ALL of our light plates and switches were...attractive!

After: awww, white light plates and switches, SO much better!
All of the grout was broken and so I got to retile the bathroom floor.
Spence was very proud of my handiwork!

2nd bedroom, not really finished yet, so get excited to see the final reveal once we are done!
The wreath was getting a little weather-worn and sad looking so I did a base in rubbed bronze spray paint and finished it off with some silver spray paint on the berries, and I think it turned out ok!
Some other highlights of our past month so far here in Omaha include: 

Spence getting sworn into the Army!
Army Strong :)
Rhino at the Omaha Zoo
Omaha Zoo: Where the penguins and giraffes live in harmony
Anyone seen 7 pounds? Every time I see one of these giant jelly fish, I think of Will Smith
Just chillin'

Weekend trip to Kansas City: Award winning BBQ team at Oklahoma Joes!
Of course Spencer had to watch the end of the BYU game, so we ate in the car, total Kansas City style right?
Liberty Jail
Just before I got sick

Dramamine did NOT get my endorsement this trip!

Lauritzen Gardens: Amazing that this place is next door!

And finally, the cute little Old Market, making downtown just that much better!

Our home is now ready for visitors, so come on over! There is a ton to do and see in Omaha, much to our pleasant surprise!