Saturday, February 25, 2012

The adventure of the Mossy Mountain

So this past month has been a busy one for me and Mary.  Much of the fun has come from being with our families.  In the midst of all the wonderful school and tests that have depressed me over the past few weeks, Mary has been living the good life with a nice spring break.  She even decided that she needed to get out of Orem for the break.  Ok, she did have a lot of work to do in Salt Lake for her internship, but nevertheless, I was home alone for three days studying my guts out for an impossibly hard organic chemistry test.  It was a lonely few days, but we both had lots to do so it didn't seem like too long away from each other.

Anyway, Valentine's day was right after my last post so I never got to recap on it.  No it wasn't a cliche filled day with rose petals and a candlelit dinner like so many do. Instead, it was a four o' clock dinner at Macaroni Grill because I didn't think it was going to be crazy on a Tuesday night.  Obviously, I was wrong.  Yep, so me being the very unromantic gentleman, had Mary call to get a reservation that afternoon and all they had was 9:00 pm or 4:45 and so she decided to hang up and ask me if we wanted to do that.  Well we had a movie at 7:30, so we agreed that it was better than nothing to eat at 4:45.  She called back in the matter of seconds and they said that the 4:45 had just been taken and the only time they had now was 4:15.  We were both like, what the heck! So it ended up that we were sitting in an empty restaurant eating a so-called dinner.  It didn't really make sense to me why we had to eat at 4:15  when there were ten people in the restaurant.  It was my first time eating there, and Mary told me how much she loved the bread. She definitely does love the bread, because the whole loaf was gone in a matter of seconds. It was really good, despite the fact that I have never had dinner so early before.

After eating our linner,  we went to see the movie This Means War.  I'm not going to lie, I think I wanted to see it more than Mary.  I saw the commercial that had Reese Witherspoon with a paintball gun and just accidentally drilling the guy she was with right in the sweet spot just made me split a gut.  If you don't know this, the movie is about two secret agents fighting over Reese Witherspoon and using all their spy stuff to ruin the other person's chances of getting her.  Neither of us were disappointed because we were laughing hysterically. It might have been all that lemonade we had drank at Macaroni Grill or just the fact that everyone else was laughing, but when that paintball scene happened, they= commercial didn't even show the best part.  When a spy meets paintball/trying to win a girl over there's mayhem.  The guy had a paintball grenade that blew up in a room full of kids and he pulled off some twelve-year-old kid off a tower.  He single handedly took out all the kids, and then Reese Witherspoon took the spy out with a single shot to his man stuff.  Obviously even the best of spies have a weak spot, or just all men.  Once I got married I didn't realize how easy it is for my wife to take me out if she wants too.

On President's Day, my dad decided to treat us to a day of skiing up at Brighton.  It was a beautiful day.  New snow and sunshine to boot!  It was so much fun and Mary even got her cheese fries.  My sister Liz was rocking her full body pink suit and pure white shapka.  I can't believe how many funny looks she got.  It was hilarious...she even got in a picture or two with some boys trying to sneak a camera shot of her.  Dinner the day before was also a blast.  We had a great family night with the Bevan side and couldn't believe it when my Grandpa told me about joining the Navy for getting through dental school.  It was really ironic.  He said that I should definitely join the Navy and not the Air Force even though my other grandpa would say otherwise.  My Grandpa Bevan served in the Navy and Grandpa Wright served in the Air Force. Tough decision, but it will mainly depend on the spots available.  We had fun watching our little cousins, Tate and Luke, try to wrestle each other to the ground even though one of them can barely walk.  It was too funny to watch.

After all that, the coolest thing still hadn't happened yet until last night and that's why I decided to give it a whirl and write it down. My sister-in-law, Julie,  became an official rock star with her band's release of their first CD.  Her band is called Brady Parks and the IndiAnns.  They are on iTunes and I hope whoever reads this will check them out. The CD is called Mossy Mountain.  It is amazing!  Julie plays the violin and pretty much makes the band.  It's a great CD and well worth the money. They need all the support they can get! Anyway, it was a fun night because we had dinner with Mary's family and the Youngs (family friends) over at our place before the concert and Sue cooked us up an amazing BBQ salad that makes my mouth water thinking about.  John and I had some time to play some halo with the Young boys and it was a blast.  Later that night, we all drove down to the Muse Music Cafe in Provo to listen the Julie's band rock their whole new album and celebrate its release.  It was so good! Finally got to meet Julie's boyfriend, Scott, as well.  He graduated my same year but from Skyline and he's super chill.  Hopefully Mary and I gave a good enough impression that we'll be able to hang out with them sometime.

Well the last thing to write about was our carnival we had for our primary this morning.  All I can say is that I have quite the amazing wife.  I mean she set up this whole carnival booth called a cakewalk.  It is probably quite sad that I had never heard of one until this morning.  It was supposed to be about family so we made these pictures and put them around on the ground and then played music while they walked around in a circle till the music stopped.  Then they picked up their picture and it had different things that were either good for a family (i.e. FHE, scripture study) or bad for the family (i.e. fighting)  and had them race to put them in the right pile.  What makes Mary so amazing is that the music was barely audible from all the noise in the gym so she made up the music herself as she went.  I, on the other hand, was starting to get super impatient because we had to explain this game to eight different groups of kids of all ages.  Some got the game and others didn't. Surprisingly, the younger kids had a better handle on the game than the older kids.  But what I learned about Mary that day is how awesome of a mom she is going to be.  I respect her so much for her patience with each group and the amount of effort she put into the game to make it work even when the music didn't really work.  I wasn't very happy to be with so many rowdy kids, but my wife made it seem so easy.  I love her for that! It's still a ways away for us, but I know my kids are gonna be in good hands.  I'm not worried at all for's me who's gotta work on it. As usual...

Monday, February 13, 2012

The adventure of the Spencer

        Well I (Spencer), finally decided to dive into the whole blogging experience with a renewed attempt to both increase my writing ability, which has not see any daylight since my life has been consumed by chemistry, biology, and physiology classes, and to hopefully allow some of my fellow peeps and peepettes to see a side of me that they have never seen before. By that I mean to make a stamp on the Internet world that never is seen on Facebook, Twitter, or any of that crap that is consumed by many.   I, on the other hand, previously consumed things that were more worth my time such as video games and video games.  Yeah that's about it, exciting right?  With a recent pact with my inner soul to give up a few of my internal cravings for a controller and some Modern Warfare, I've decided to entreat our blog with a place that I can freely write what is currently on my mind for all of you to read.  I wouldn't say that my writings will entertain you or even bring you closer to what I think about each day, but rather I have always loved to write and haven't found a place to put them.

       'Nuff said about that.  Mary currently is sitting in her usual position on the couch with a blanket wrapped around her a dozen or so times and a laptop that has a dual setup of Facebook/work.   Nine times out of ten, I am sitting right next to her watching an episode of pretty much anything.  Many of you probably know that Mary and I are a little bit on the TV junkie side of the couch, but who can blame you when there are so many awesome shows to watch.  Currently I decided to pick up where I left off on the 24 series because before my mission I only got through season four.  Since the beginning of my binge of 24, I have come to realize how much I hate President Logan.  I mean talk about the worst President ever.  (spoiler!) Why did they have to kill of President Palmer and keep Logan around.  Honestly, if the all-state guy ran for President right now, I'd vote for him.  After going cold turkey with video games, who wouldn't replace Modern Warfare with 24. Talk about replacing fire with fire.

       I guess I won't talk about the dozens of shows that I am absolutely loving this season, but instead I'll turn my attention to more real events that our going on in our overly exciting time of our lives.  On the note of Valentines day, we decided to take advantage of our gift cards. Free dinner and movie, thank you very much!  Of course I have a little surprise for Mary, but it's nothing too special.  I think this Valentines day was pretty memorable just because of what Mary just barely did only thirty minutes ago.  Mary had just gotten home from an interview for the Education Law Journal board for next year.  I was in study trying to find some stuff for school and an electrician was in our kitchen fixing a couple outlets.  Well. she didn't know that he was in there and I hear her walk into the kitchen and say to who she thought was ME, "Happy Valentines Day!" in her typical goofy voice. I can only imagine her shock when she realized she just said that to a complete stranger!  I walk out in the hall and she is almost falling over laughing as she tries to explain how the electrician had looked at her like she was a crazy person when she had said that to him.  I had to go over and say sorry about my crazy wife to him so he wouldn't feel as awkward anymore.

        Many of you probably know about the fun project going on in our basement.  Total destruction. Anyway, part of this project involves putting some new electrical in our kitchen, hence the electrician tonight.  Anyway for the past hour and a half, our power has gone on and off in our living room and finally the whole house went dark.  Some not so very nice words flew out of the electricians mouth as I heard a nice pop go off as it went dark.  About five minutes later, light finally came back on and a few more choice words erupted from the kitchen.  Man do I love construction!  I think a lot of it had to do with the already faulty electrical that is all over this house.  I love my plaster walls and moldy pipes!

       With so many great things to talk about in exciting lives, I have to stop typing eventually and get back to more important things like homework with a mix of Alcatraz.  I love that show.  Anyway, many of you probably know that I am trying to get into dental school and recently learned about the Navy/Army scholarship program that allows you to to go to dental school with all expenses paid.  The drawback is that you have to serve in the Army/Navy for the amount of years that you are in dental school.  If anyone who actually reads this knows someone who has done this let me know what they thought of their experience it would be nice to know.

     That's all I have to add in the first adventure of the Spencer...signing off.