Wednesday, May 30, 2012

the adventure of the ....catch up!

Ok... ok... I completely abandoned the blog. Oops, oh well, too bad for you. During finals/school I just didn't have the time...then I just got lazy, I mean does it really matter. But I decided I couldn't keep it abandoned forever so if anyone is curious as to what we have been up to lately here is breakdown that I tried to make as short possible. I don't blame ya if you don't get through it all...there was a lot that happened!

April...Spence and I both finished school for the year leaving only one more year left at BYU! Yahoo for only one more year in Utah Valley!! After living in Provo then Orem, I do have to say that Orem is about a million times better than living in student central Provo, BUT we are both pretty much ready to be out of Utah County and on to dental school...somewhere!

My little sister Julie also got engaged! I still can't really believe my little sis is going to be a married woman. Blows my mind but I couldn't be more excited for her. Scott is such a sweetheart and fits perfectly into our family. We are so excited to have him and I am excited to have another couple to do stuff with!

May... I started work...with 3 jobs and a flute student! Slightly crazy. But I enjoyed it all. I was an extern with Novell, the social media manager with Marketing Orange, and a Research Assistant for a BYU Law Professor.  Sadly I think my cooking suffered this month, and cleaning, and yard work...oh and laundry! But luckily my externship just ended so I will be able to get back to more of a normal life again!

Spence has been studying his little heart out for the DAT! I know he'd appreciate any good vibes and prayers sent his way this Saturday morning! He has been studying so hard and I know it will pay off. He will start applying to dental schools this coming Monday so things are starting to get exciting over here.

We decided since we weren't going on any trips this summer- we would get a season golf pass at East Bay Golf Course. We get up bright and early every Tuesday and Thursday to play a round of golf. Cute Spence got me super nice Callaway golf clubs as an early birthday present and I love them! However I don't think that I have every played a sport that is almost unbearably frustrating one minute, then completely fun and satisfying the next! There are days that we both are hitting great and then days when onlookers may think we have never picked up a club in our lives! Seriously though...I was so happy with my improvement one week and then for about a week I literally couldn't even hit the ball off the tee.I'm serious here. Sooo annoying. But I am hoping by the end of the summer, we both will have improved overall and be playing well consistently.

Yay for new clubs, and a SWEET golf towel!!

We also got a Pass of all Passes. So far we went mini golfing at Trafalga and to the Blaze game with my familia. Yep, pretty much everything with this pass has a hint of ghetto to it, but we're embracing it  whole-heartily and are going to have a blast at Seven Peaks, Blaze Games, Moto Cross, and Bees games this summer. We just hope they hurry up and post a new Real Game because Spence has never been to one!

                                 (And yes I got a sweet hole in one at Trafalga...booya!)

(Notice the glasses? Well they have almost become a permanent attachment to my face. I have never had such bad allergies in my life as I have had this year...thus the lovely glasses! Can't wait for the day I get Lasik!! But seriously, I don't think going through a box of tissues in a week is normal)

The highlight of the month was probably Liz and Ben's wedding. We spent several Saturday's getting their grandparent's yard in shape for a wedding and meticulously watched the weather for chances of rain. Of course the only chance of rain for the entire week was on her wedding day! We had worked so hard on the yard and were praying we didn't have to move inside. Thankfully, the rain came during the ceremony and by the time they came out of the temple, the sky was blue and the sun was shining. Everything turned out beautiful and Liz looked absolutely gorgeous! We are so happy for Liz and Ben!

This month we also celebrated our first year anniversary. I cannot believe it has already been a year! I am so lucky to have married such an awesome man! I love how much fun we have together and how similar we are! While we obviously have our differences personality-wise, our interests are very similar so we seem to always want to be doing the same thing. We love the same restaurants, are obsessed with sushi, love golfing and doing stuff outside, and also both love to relax and get into new t.v. shows- which we become addicted to and end up watching the whole season or series...we even love the same shows so there is never any question about what we want to watch! I know we won't always agree on everything, but its really nice to be so similar so that life becomes easy-going and fun. For our anniversary we were going to do a little weekend adventure at Zermatt, eat at Ruth's Chris and then do the bobsled and alpine slide and the Olympic Park but with Spencer's DAT soon approaching we decided to go more low key by going to dinner and watching the Vow together and eating our cute cake! We are now saving our adventure for AFTER the DAT. So excited for it!

Memorial Day weekend was quite the whirlwind adventure. On Saturday we spent the entire day- 8 hours- working on our yard. Our yard has crazy weeds, our sprinklers were broken, and we just hadn't had the time to give it the spring clean-up it needed. However, we got all of the weeds out and bought 28, yes 28 bags of mulch. Let me tell ya...those bags are heavy. I am still sore from all the lifting and squatting from that weekend! But our yard looks amazing! We are so happy that it finally looks great and we can enjoy it now.

Saturday night I went up to Park City with all my girlfriends for Brittany's bacherolette party. It was such a fun night of food, hot tubbing, and games and the perfect relaxation after a hard day's work. Being married and living in Orem makes it hard to see my friends, so this was such a great time to have fun and catch up with all the girls.

On Monday, we had Sue's Amazing Belgian Waffles and headed out to the Tracy Aviary. I hadn't been there in years and we all loved it. There have been some new updates to the park and it turned out to be a fun outing. We then went down to City Creek so my dad could finally see it. I think that it may be a good thing I don't live in Salt Lake right now, because everytime I go to City Creek I am literally in heaven. There is something about the atmosphere, the stores, even the smell that I just LOVE! Can't wait for the day that we aren't students anymore and don't feel guilty going shopping!

We ended the weekend with a day at the Wright's pool and watched Ben and Liz open their presents. The day started off a little chilly, but thankfully they keep their pool 90 degrees and the sun decided to come out! I even got a little sunburn which secretly made me happy (shhh I know its not good for me!)

Oh and I just had to add this little gem below. So Liz threw up on a McDonald's burger when she was a little kid and has never had one since! We decided she HAD to have one before she got married and finally decided Smashburger was the best place to go for her first experience. We have literally been talking about this for MONTHS! And you will never believe what happens...Liz's burger was honestly the WORST burger I have ever tasted from them....completely DRY with the sauce forgotten. We all thought she was just fakin' it saying how gross it was but then we tried it and agreed! She ended up getting a new one but I'm pretty sure that experience just made her even more against burgers!