Saturday, January 19, 2013

2012 Recap: Better late than never!

2012 was an awesome adventure for Spence and I. The highlight of the year was probably Spence's acceptance to dental school. Spence worked so hard on his application, DAT, and interviews and I couldn't be more proud of him! He got into Creighton Dental School in Omaha, Nebraska. We will find out in a week his status with Roseman in South Jordan, so hopefully by the end of January we will know if we are moving just a few miles or a few hundred miles away! We will also be finding out if Spence got a scholarship from the Army or Navy. Hopefully this all works out soon, because I have to submit my bar application March 1...however, I need to know what state I will be applying to!

Right after the interview! Little did he know that that interview got him in!

Next up was Julie and Scott's wedding. These two are absolutely perfect for each other! It is seriously so awesome to have a married sister and new brother-in-law. They definitely bring a new energy to our family. Their wedding was BEAUTIFUL and was seriously the most perfect outdoor wedding I have ever seen. So classy but creative and so Julie!

My proud :)
Trip-wise, Spence and I are saving up for our graduation extravaganza to Orlando and the Caribbean in May. We went on a few boating trips to Jordanelle and took one little weekend trip to Oregon and Sun Valley in 2012. I have always wanted to see Oregon and it did not disappoint! All of the rain created such a lush and green landscape, it was completely breathtaking. However, actually living in that rain would be another story, but what an awesome place to visit!

Multnomah Falls: Breathtaking!

Check out the moss on those trees! Something you NEVER see in Utah! I was in love!

Performing my bridesmaidly duties at Mel's wedding. So happy for her!
My poor Hyundai got crushed on University Avenue. I seriously hate that street! Even the police officer said he avoids in whenever possible. One little fender bender and this little guy was totaled!

Luckily we were able to get an awesome Pilot! What a great car!
Our holiday season was awesome as always. We spent the season up in Salt Lake and ate way too much delicious food. Highlights of the season had to be seeing Les Miserables, watching my mom get 7 feet of air while sledding and totally biffing it, sledding behind Dave's truck, double date the the Haslams, Christmas White-Elephant Party, watching Gracie get pulled in her first little red sled, and an indoor snowball fight with the Bevans, playing Times Up with both sets of families, and just relaxing after a long semester of school.

Literally he BEST game ever. Literally. 

Beautiful Fossil Bag. Spence knows me too well!

2013 will be a year full of changes: graduation, a cruise, dental school, moving, the bar, and a real life job for me! While we don't know exactly what lies in store, I know 2013 will not disappoint in creating opportunities for many awesome adventures together! Happy New Year!