Thursday, November 12, 2015

3 months old!

 Month 3 started out with a trip down to Lincoln for the BYU-Nebraksa Game. We were so worried about taking Rose, with the heat and the pumping situation, but once again, she was PERFECT! Luckily we were on the shaded side, so we were able to keep her out of the sun and happy. Spence was in heaven with the hail-Mary pass to win it in the end!

Mommy stroller brigade at the Omaha Zoo. I am going to miss these girls SO much when we all move away. Couldn't have asked for better friends to get me through living away. 

The cutest little beach babe around. Seriously, I die...

My favorite jimmies EVER. Seriously, if you know me, you probably know my obsession with baby harp seals. I bought these before I even knew she was a girl, just because...I.MUST.HAVE.THEM. I don't think I could have imagined how cute they'd actually be when my baby was in them!

First "camping" trip...Ok, we left at 9:30, but we did all the fun roasting mallows and campfire dinners...That's what it is really about, right?

Going to see grandpa at work and sitting in an old air-traffic control tower for lunch.

Mmm, girl's day to Eva's bakery and Anthropologie...Can't beat it!

The three amigos! Maggie, Rose, and Charlotte are just going to be the best buddies ever! Can't wait to see these girls grow up together!

Grammie Ali at Cornbelly's!

Beautiful day for a beautiful baby. Spencer gave her such a special and tender blessing. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful husband and Rose is so lucky to have such an awesome daddio!

Up to the Unitas with the whole crew before Spencer had to leave to go back home!

Pumpkin patch picking with my little pumpkins! Seriously, how cute are they!

Baby Hedwig!

Month dos!

Rosie's second month brought something we'd been waiting for...SMILES! This girl is one happy baby! We were lucky enough to go to Utah for Emily and Eric's wedding and the five week old babe sure did awesome! She was PERFECT on the plane rides and just too adorable at the wedding. We also discovered that this little girl was just too comfortable when she nursed, so I switched over to pumping. That got a little interesting with long-layovers and traveling, but we did it!


Happiest first-time grandma around!

First time in the mountains. Just look at the scenery. Wish we had this in Omaha!

First time swimming and the coolest babe around!

Haha, how we found Grandpa babysitting Rose when we got back!

Too precious!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

the adventure of the birth

Rosie's birth was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I think the most special moment may have been watching Spencer become emotional as she was born and as he became a dad. Given the fact that the epidural didn't work for the last half of the labor and that the anesthetic didn't work for the 45 minutes of repair after the labor, I wasn't necessarily in a blissful state, however, watching Spencer feel those emotions was amazing. Then, as soon as the doctors had left the room and we were left to be our own little family, I couldn't believe the love that overcame us for our sweet baby. Rose is probably the most perfect baby to ever come to earth...from my total unbiased opinion.

Here are a few pictures from our time at the hospital.

First family pic!

I mean... could I be more lucky!!

Look at that pout!!

and off we go!

First time meeting Olive! successfully rocked

Rosie's first month!

Month one literally flew by! My mom was here for 2.5 weeks and then Spencer's mom came for another week after that. We were SO spoiled to have them here! It was so nice to have someone to worry about the food, laundry, and house so that we could focus on the baby. Also, very reassuring to have a mom here who actually knows what the heck is going on! I was also SO lucky to have Spencer home for the entire month! The day after Rose was born, was the day his one month summer break started. Seriously, you could not have planned that better. Although it was a close call in INSISTING that I be induced after Spencer took his boards so that he wouldn't miss his boards, it ended up being so perfect!

Rose's signature buddha! She loves keeping her feet clasped together like this. Too funny!

First walk!

Tired papa. Came downstairs to find these two passed out. Looks like Olive is trapped under Spencer's arm.

First time out to the pediatrician. Rose's second signature move, the fist under the chin. We are obsessed!

In front of our cute little house. We are so happy we moved out of the smoke into fresh air! Yahoo!

Who can resist that face!

Once again, doing the cutest things with her hands!

A little walk to Lauritzen Gardens...

Where they have a super cool train set in the trees! Downtown Omaha is behind us!


Last day before mom left sad!

Discovering little places in Omaha. Who knew this was the birthplace of Gerald Ford?

Cute romper from Spencer's grandma and aunts!

Rose and Caroline...Bffs from birth!