Friday, August 28, 2015

adventure of the newborn photoshoot

Oh sweet Rose! What a joy you have been in our lives already! I'm so happy we were able to capture some images of your newborn scrumptiousness! 

Seriously, all heart eye emojis over here! I may be biased, but I'm pretty sure the cutest baby ever just came to our family! Thank you to Leslie Leavitt for some amazing photography!

the adventure of 2014

Oops, looks like 2014 passed without a single update to this blog. Let's just go ahead and do a year in review. The most exciting news from 2014 had to be finding out we were going to have a baby in July of 2015!

The next most exciting news from 2014 was the addition of puppy Olive into our family in April! 

I started work as an attorney with Fidelity National Title

Our faithful Chrysler hit its last leg and so we got an awesome new Toyota! 

Oops, bad haircut on my part which led to a shaving of the head. Spence is lucky he can pull of the buzz cut!

We were able to go to some fun concerts! The Script and One Republic was awesome!

Julie and Scott were living in NYC, so of COURSE I had to go visit. It was the perfect trip, I just wished Spencer could have come!

We won lottery tickets to Matilda!! This was seriously the CUTEST show I have ever seen. Highly recommended!

Boating in Central Park.

Best Halal Truck around. Just look at that line. So worth it!

Mmm, pizza on the brooklyn promeade.

Seriously, is there a better view!

So NYC, was pretty much filled with amazing food. Levain cookies are NOT to be missed! We also went to shake shack, pop bar, magnolia bakery, sprinkles ice cream, eataly, and much more. I'm still craving all the food!

Just look at that awesome dentist in the making! So proud!

Nope, I wasn't nervous at all! Ok, maybe a little...

Next up, was a trip to San Diego...

which cannot be complete without a trip to Kono's. Sadly, Spence couldn't come yet again, but it was an awesome trip to the beach!

Puupy birthdays are the best!

Johnny boy left on his mission to serve the people of Thailand. He will be the best missionary ever! 

Trip to Utah for Brooke's wedding...yet again without Spencer! This year was a year of trips without the spouse! 9 total! Super crazy, but I think this should be the only year this happens thankfully!

Brooke was the perfect bride!

Not to be outdone by my solo trips, Spencer took a trip to Arizona to hang out with his buddies!

Happy Halloween! At chipotle...gotta love the free burritos!

Cutest friends around. Not sure what I'd do in Omaha without them!!

 Yay! First ultrasound of our little nugget. And hardest secret to keep until Christmas!

 Spencer's next solo trip to Utah for Dan's wedding. Leaving me by my lonesome for Thanksgiving.

Thankfully I got to spend Thanksgiving with my cute friend Aubrey and we had a full Thanksgiving feast!

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!