Thursday, November 21, 2013

adventure of the thanksgiving road trip

When thinking about Thanksgiving this year, we both got a little bit sad that we wouldn't be able to spend it with our families this year. Plus, I really didn't want to try and pull together a Thanksgiving dinner for just the two of us...that isn't very exciting. So we decided since this is the only week of the year where I actually get two days off in a row, to go to Chicago! We are so excited! Neither of us has ever been and it seemed like the perfect getaway for the holiday season.

Some things we are excited for...

Thanksgiving dinner at Hash House a Go-Go

Walking off "the Ledge"

Chicago Art Institute and various other museums

Seeing Elf on Broadway

I was a little bummed we won't be near outlets for my annual Black Friday extravaganza, but I guess this will just help me save and who knows what the city of Chicago may have in store.

We'll post a full update on our adventures in Chi-town! Any must see places to see are always welcome!